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A special message from Matt, owner of Alvas Showroom

Greetings Live Music Lovers,

“The group Acoustic Asylum is most likely unknown to you. The first time they played at Alvas Showroom a coincidence happened. The week before we had a great Supertramp Tribute Band, Fools Logic play. The next weekend, Supertramp’s actual guitar player, Carl Verheyen, performed with Acoustic Asylum here in the Showroom.

Acoustic Asylum is a very exciting, unusual band. The level of performance is as high as it gets. I would NOT miss this one if I were you.”

Acoustic Asylum is what happens when you take some of LA’s best recording and touring musicians and turn them loose in an organic setting.  No electronic tricks, no stylistic limits…just having fun and making incredible music. They will be playing two sets of quirky, moving, grooving music. Their style is best described as eclectic, jazzy, fun acoustic music played at the highest technical level… yet with good humor. While mostly instrumental, there are some vocals as well.

Band Members:

Dan Radlauer-Accordion, Vocals
Carl Verheyen-Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Dave Marotta- Electric Bass
Gordon Peeke-Drums
Luis Alberto-Violin
Mark Hollingsworth-Clarinet, Baritone Sax




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