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Brother Noland’s 50th State of Mind Music Series

Music is transportation. Sounds, melody and lyrics can transport you to another time or even a familiar feeling.  Brother Noland is that kind of artist. Seeing him live on stage, you will step into an experience…the 50th State of Mind.

Brother Noland – Lead Vocals
Fred Schreuders – Guitar
Kimo Cornwell – Keyboards
Fred Li – Sax & Wind Controller
David Inamine – Bass
Carlos Silva Jr. – Drums

Composer, Innovator, Traditional Hawaiian Man

He is a storyteller at heart and music is how he shares his stories. Born and raised in the islands but well traveled, Brother Noland is a legacy Hawaiian artist.  One who has deeply influenced contemporary Hawaiian music with timeless hits such as “Coconut Girl” and “Big Ship.”

Although he is often credited for infusing reggae, jazz and blues with traditional Hawaiian sounds, his latest project “His Songs, His Stories, His Style” proves that he can cross many genres and fearlessly explores the lengths of his wonderment.

Brother Noland will keep you engaged, sing you sweet music, like poetry to your ears – and you will listen, not just hear – the underlying harmony he so wishes to share with you and the entire world.

Artist’s Website:
Brother Noland

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