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THERE IS A NOTION that has been around for a few decades now, which, depending on whom you ask, is simultaneously intriguing and annoying: Rock ‘n’ roll, specifically the classic sound associated with the late sixties up through the seventies, has died. If you ask Aelish, the four piece rock outfit from LA, they’ll admit that while it’s true the genre has declined, it is most certainly not dead. Quite the opposite, if they have any say in it.     

Aelish was formed by two sisters, Synden and Rowan Healy, who have been writing and performing original music together since they were kids. In early adolescence, they performed as an acoustic folk duo all around the LA area, and even back home in their native Portland, Oregon. A few years later, their sights were set on forming a four piece rock band; the discovery of Rock ’n’ Roll itself was only natural given their steady diet of blues and folk in their upbringing. It’s hard to miss the rock influence in Aelish’s sound, with listeners likening it to classic acts such as Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, and even grunge’s Pearl Jam. As a young band playing a sound much older than any of its members, it’s safe to say that Aelish is set on revisiting a genre that has sat in the shadows for the past several decades, revamping it, and delivering it to the audience of today. 

Rock ’n’ roll isn’t dead. It’s coming back.

Aelish is a four piece rock group playing all original tunes. They strive for an energetic and engaging live show.

Band Members:

Synden Healy – Vocals, Keys, Harmonica, Rhythm Guitar
Rowan Healy – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jenner Glessner – Drums, Backing Vocals
Kate McMahon – Bass

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