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The Orchestre Surreal’s mission statement is “To boldly go where no orchestra has gone before”, and they do just that. Like nothing you have seen or heard before, LA’s acclaimed 25- piece Orchestre Surreal, blends iconic Classic Rock songs, with classical music favorites, and opens them up for jazz improvisation. The idea was to seamlessly blend all of these unique styles in a single tune, creating a musical hybrid that democratically unites musical cultures by putting them all on equal footing — the idea being that if all art can co-exist and be better off, then so can all people. Featuring some of LA’s finest musicians, over the top entertainers, and superb vocalists: The Fabulous Miss Thing and Dangerous Dan, combined with innovative arrangements, The Orchestre Surreal cannot be easily described and has to be experienced to be understood.

Band Members

Conductor and MC:  Ross Wright AKA Elvis Schoenberg
Vocals:  Angela Carole Brown AKA The Fabulous Miss Thing
Vocals:  Dan O’Callaghan AKA Dangerous Dan, The Ultimate Fighting Champion Turned Opera Singer
Alto Saxophone, Flute, and Piccolo:  Phil Feather
Tenor Sax, Flute:  Doug Webb
Baritone Sax, Clarinet:  Mike Nelson
French Horns:  Jean Marinelli, Tawnee Lillo, & John Grab
Trumpet: Matt Fronke & Jeff Jarvis
Tuba: Bill Masonheimer
Keyboards: David Arana
Guitar:  Byron Fry
Bass Guitar: David Hughes
Percussion: Billy Hulting
Drums:  Chris Wabich
Violins:  Paul Cartwright, Eliza James, & Edgar Sandoval




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