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Birds to the Wind is an extraordinary multidisciplinary show, with original text, lyrics and music by EMMY winner 2013 Cristina Rebull, and orchestrated by GRAMMY winner 2016 Jorge Gómez. The story addresses the issue of immigration, uprooting and family separation, describing immigrants in their flight to another country, another life, as Birds to the Wind. The music is powerful and mesmerizing, and the lyrics and text have a strong, deep and emotional charge. This is a production with a cast of twenty artists, including twelve young talents and an eleven-year-old girl. Birds to the Wind is a moving and emotional show that invites the audience, through the music, texts and artistic images to experience the sacrifice that an immigrant faces by leaving everything behind and start over in another culture, with another language and far from everything they know and love. That’s what all of us immigrants are: Birds to the Wind.

Birds to the Winds will make its Los Angeles debut at Alvas Showroom on Sunday December 3, 2023. The cast is coming directly from Miami, after four sold out performances under Cristina Rebull’s artistic direction. Produced by Art for Us, a non-profit organization.

Performer Names/Instruments:
The cast includes renowned actors and singers such as the interpreters Candi Sosa and Jorge Hernández, along with the leading actor and Maestro Juan David Ferrer and the young singer and actress Samara Nicole. Together with the young talents, all students from the Adriana Barraza Acting Studio in Miami, they make up the show’s creative team.

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