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BOX OF NOISE is a long term supergroup project under the auspices of MoonJune Music, featuring three distinguished maestros of their own instruments: the legendary fretless bass icon PERCY JONES; the innovative guitar visionary ALEX MACHACEK and multi-genre drummer extraordinaire KENNY GROHOWSKI. The band will be rehearsing new material in Los Angeles followed by a short warm-up tour on the West Coast USA, in January 2021. Percy Jones and Kenny Grohowski played together for several years in the last incarnation of the legendary fusion band Brand X, while Alex Machacek has performed 3 shows with Jones and Grohowski as part of the Brand X. Debut studio album will be recorded sometimes during the 2022, accompanied by multiple tours in North America and around the world, and it will be released worldwide on MoonJune Records.
The band will perform new tunes composed by all 3 members, and some tunes from the Brand X and Alex Machacek repertoire.

PERCY JONES – bass guitar

Per L.A. Health Dept. regulations, Proof of  Covid-19 Vaccination or a recent (within 72hrs) negative Covid-19 test will be required at the door. Face Masks must be worn while inside the venue.

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