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Chicago Tribute Experience brings you back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with all of Chicago’s greatest hits performed live by some of the world’s finest musicians. This tremendous tribute to the writing, performance, style and sound of the original Chicago lineup has been carefully and thoughtfully re-created for the highest entertainment value. Most of these musicians grew up listening, learning, and passionately playing and singing along to what is now truly a phenomenon worth recreating. Enjoy the journey as they take you on the “Experience”… the “Chicago Tribute Experience”.

Chicago Tribute Experience


Gregg is a mega-talented, accomplished guitarist and singer that handles some of both Kath and Cetera lead vocals. Gregg was an original band member of the 80s-90s rock band Duq’N’Cover that was signed by a major label. His unique pentatonic scales and finger/slap/pick style gives versatile effect, tone and speed to an otherwise “bored” guitar fretboard. His vocal range allows for cutting leads and smooth harmonies where needed. He plays Kath with a passion.


Dan supports the low end on bass guitar and vocals. He lays down true-to-original bass parts and rhythms, can sing rich, smooth Cetera-esque ballads, to rockin’ “25 or 6 to 4” style tunes, giving incredible versatility with his high-range lead and background vocals. Dan is the only known genuine Chicagoan in the band, born at Cook County Hospital, and grew up there in the burbs most of his childhood, playing and singing Chicago music with a heart for the “trumpet playing bands”, though he stuck with his love; the bass.


Dan is an incredibly talented keyboardist-guitarist-vocalist that plays all the piano, Fender Rhodes and organ parts, and rhythm guitar as well. He passionately puts the feel into the keys, and has been in multiple music ensembles for nearly 40 years. He has recorded and produced movie, television and radio scores, and provides curriculum for school music programs. His lower vocal range allows him to handle the unmistakable tones of Robert Lamm.


Joey, as the drummer, is the platform this band builds on. The original drummer for the 80s band Mondo Cane and 90s band Orion, he is and has been an accomplished drummer/percussionist and pro performer for decades, and is the true backbone of the rhythm. His solid downbeat and tasty accents are equaled by no other, except maybe the original. Depth and consistency are never lacking with Joey at the helm. He has an endorsement from Peace Drums.


A trombonist with versatile performing abilities, Taylor has performed on numerous recording sessions, from Capitol Records to intimate studio settings. He is proficient on both small and large bore tenor trombone, bass trombone, and euphonium. Genre specialties include jazz, classical, chamber work, rock, reggae, and worship. He currently performs with the Disneyland Band, the Southern California Brass Consortium, and with others frequently throughout the area. He arranges and charts for local groups, as well as Chicago Tribute Experience. Taylor also has a strong tenor vocal range for background harmonies.


Nic has toured internationally and has performed at Glastonbury and Coachella festivals, appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, performed at the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball, and has played with Wu-Tang Clan. He is lead trumpet player in the Disneyland Band, performs in the Disneyland Fanfare Unit, the “Mickey and the Magical Map”, and jazz trumpet at California Adventure. He has performed with the world-funk band Delta Nove, and George Clinton. He also produces and engineers for film and television, and has directed many summertime workshops for local students. Nic earned multiple scholarships for composition from CSULB.


Robbie presents the saxophone, flute and clarinet, and has toured over 20 years locally and nationally, with the critically acclaimed world-funk band Delta Nove The veteran musician has recorded on countless studio albums and recording projects. He holds a Bachelor of Music from CSUF and is a fully credentialed music teacher in the L.A. area. Rob is a high-demand solo saxophonist, frequently playing throughout Southern California in his own New Orleans-style “Sea Funk Brass Band”, and cover-band “Squeezebox”.


Frank is a native Californian and has played drums since grade school. He currently specializes in Afro/Latin instruments and rhythms. He volunteers at two community colleges as a dancer and drummer in West African dance and drumming classes, and has played for over 30 years on local church music teams. He has performed with top local musicians in Southern California, including Orion, No Limit OC, Southland Mega Groove and The GRD Band, and now Chicago Tribute Experience.

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