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Multiple World Champion Cory Pesaturo and World Renowned Violinist & Singer Yasmine Azaiez will put on a Duo of Electrifying Music ranging from Eastern European Gypsy to Classical to Jazz, to Yasmine’s own Pop music.

Both play an extremely diverse amount of music on their own, Pesaturo being known for revolutionizing the much maligned accordion, and Azaiez hailing from Tunisia, where she is famous enough to be in their tabloids!

Cory and Yasmine have played as a duo for over a Decade around the world, but have yet to play in LA, until This Night at Alvas!

Don’t miss what will change your mind on the Accordion, and what is possible with this instrumentation!

World Music, Jazz, Eastern European, Pop, Funk, Really Wide Range. Yasmine is a Singer and Violinist.

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