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Cristina Rebull & Candi Sosa

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Cristina Rebull & Candi Sosa…

Cristina Rebull, directly from Miami is a Cuban powerhouse singer, actor, award winning writer and professor of theatre in Miami. She interprets a French classic you’ll think she is channeling Edith Piaf. Her angos are like watching a short story, her big rich, emotionally expressive voice ranges in colors according to the character she becomes. You’ll get a sense of being in a Broadway ambience with an intimacy only Alvas offers. She sings Spanish, French, Portuguese and occasionally in Guarani (Uruguay).

Candi Sosa is a singer/songwriter who resides in Los Angeles and has been a part of the local scene for decades. Cubon born, fluent in Spanish and English and also sings some Portuguese. She is known for her vocal range and versatility. She can go from a Cella Cruz style Rumba or a Barbara Streisand standard, to a Janis Joplin blues. A bolero or an American jazz standard or a Shirley Bassey ballad.

Dr. Raymond Torres musical director – on piano
Candi Sosa – vocals
Cristina Rebull – vocals

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