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Jan Rivera, Mohini Dey, and Gino Banks form an extraordinary musical alliance that showcases talent and versatility. As a group, their diverse musical expressions defy categorization. Their collective artistry seamlessly merges elements of prog, jazz, fusion, and rock as well as other styles.

Among the material, they will perform tracks out of the album Existential Paranoia, which received PROG magazine’s 1 track of the week honors and was featured in Guitar World and Bass Magazine among others.

Jan Rivera, a talented guitarist and composer, brings to the table a sincere and introspective approach to music. His commitment to his craft is evident in his exploration of complex rhythmic concepts, which shines through in his playing, adding layers of intricacy and depth to his compositions.

Mohini Dey, a prodigious bassist, breathes life into every note she plays. Her command over the instrument transcends genres, as she effortlessly transitions from thunderous grooves to intricate melodic lines. Mohini’s extraordinary musicianship has garnered acclaim from audiences worldwide.

Gino Banks, a master of rhythm and groove, brings an undeniable energy to the ensemble. With his dynamic and nuanced drumming style, he effortlessly navigates intricate time signatures, injecting each composition with an infectious pulse. Gino’s remarkable sense of timing and ability to adapt to any musical setting make him a sought-after collaborator.

Performer Names/Instruments:
Jan Rivera – Guitar
Mohini Dey – Bass
Gino Banks – Drums

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