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Anyone who has ever seen Kaylene Peoples perform, wants and needs to see her again. This stunning vocalist fluting diva literally blows her loyal fans away, whether she’s singing those five octaves of hers or mesmerizing them like a snake charmer with her cherished flute. Peoples is a modern-day Pied Piper. Instead of luring children, she sways us with the sheer emotion she emits from both her instruments. Whether you’re an empath or a stony, non-emotional onlooker, you WILL be moved!

Kaylene Peoples Romantic Bossa-Nova was birthed on June 6, 2018 at the famous Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood. The concert received rave reviews, standing ovations, and encores. A concert-goer gushes, “This is the best concert I’ve attended since I’ve been in Los Angeles!” Peoples’s CD “Romantic Bossa-Nova” was released with a limited number of copies for those who attended that concert. However, with the official release of the CD this January 2020, we are celebrating once again with another wonderful concert. The CD features Kaylene singing songs from the Great American Songbook— such as “Berimbau,” “Besame Mucho,” “Dindi,” and others. CDs will be available for purchase the
night of the show.

“I’m moving and I also feel like I can get really deep with it on certain songs. I’m a big fan of Antonio Carlos Jobim. He’s actually really one of the main people that I sing. And his lyrics are very deep. They translate [well], and people are affected by this music. It’s simplistic lyrically and melodically. It’s not complex but there’s something about it that brings out the emotion in people; it all resonates with the audience. We’re all one during a performance. It’s Zen. And it makes me feel good!” – Kaylene Peoples, Schmooze Jazz Magazine

When Kaylene Peoples performs her show “Romantic Bossa-Nova,” it’s emotional, heartfelt, stirring, memorable. Her vocals leave their imprint as she sings “Corcovado,” “Waters of March,” “Agua de Beber”; and her flute on “One Note Samba” is unique, compelling. Many who’ve witnessed her in concert have commented that her flute is the most unique they’ve heard, leaving them awestruck. There’s nothing wrong with being great on more than one instrument. In Peoples’s case, she is both a master vocalist and a magician flutist!

Band Members:

Kaylene Peoples – Vocals, Flute
Bunny Brunel – Upright and Fretless Bass
Mahesh Balasooriya – Piano
Bryan Cabrera – Drums
Monette Marino – Percussion
Joe Calderon – Guitar

Kaylene’s Website

Kaylene’s Facebook Page

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