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Led ZepAgain – A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Led Zepagain (stylized Led ZepAgain) is an American hard rock tribute band formed in Ventura, California in 1988. The current band consists of vocalist/harmonica player Swan Montgomery (“Robert Plant”), Guitar/ Mandolin Anthony David (“Jimmy Page”), bassist/keyboardist/mandolinist Jim Wootten (“John Paul Jones”) and drummer/percussionist Derek Smith (“John Bonham”).

Having formed in 1988, Sony recording artists Led Zepagain have become highly regarded as the most accurate and authentic replication of Led Zeppelin in the world today.

Swan Montgomery      Lead Vocals / Harmonica

Anthony David             Guitar / Mandolin

Jim Wootten                 Bass/ Keyboards/ Mandolin / Guitar

Derek Smith                  Drums / Percussion

Led Zepagain

Led Zepagain YouTube Link

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