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Lockout Station – CD Release Concert


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Lockout Station – CD Release Concert

Dirk K guitar
Dave Ostrem bass
Andrea D’Angelo drums

Drawing upon flamenco and jazz-fusion influences as well as the avant-garde, Lockout Station uses complex harmonies, difficult grooves and winding melodies to evoke impressions of strange and other-worldliness. The compositions of Dirk K are the catalyst for the band’s vigorous and sophisticated improvisations and prove to be quirky and infectious. This sometimes atonal and rhythmically complex music brings to mind a high and restless art.

Formed in Las Vegas in the summer of 2015, this trio assembled from different corners of the globe: Dirk K from Aachen in Germany, Dave Ostrem from New York, USA, and Andrea D’Angelo from Rome, Italy. It didn’t take long for these capable musician to establish a rapport as they found that their individualized and idiosyncratic sounds, when blended, condense into a zesty and flavorful brew. The music they make together is harmonically and melodically rich, emotionally dense and intensely unique.

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