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Mr Crowley Ozzy Tribute is THE most authentic sounding & looking Ozzy band in America.

Mr Crowley does more than just cover the songs that made Ozzy Osbourne famous, they truly tribute the man and his work, playing all of the songs of Ozzy’s entire catalog, including Black Sabbath and Ozzy’s solo career.
With stage props and costuming to add to the spectacle of a full traveling show, Mr Crowley will literally storm the stages with a rock and shock style performance that will keep you coming back for more.

This band delivers an energetic and entertaining full force experience, led by the vibrancy of Dave Diaz who provides a faithful emulation of Ozzy and captures the unique sound and persona that makes Mr Crowley a tribute fan favorite.
Recently, Phil Sandoval of Armored Saint publicly noted that David Diaz is THE best Ozzy on the this planet.
Add to that the crunching progressions and note for note guitar solos of Mark Knapp this amazing guitar player will blow your mind with his great guitar shredding capabilities.
How this virtuoso does all this with only 3 1/2 fingers is just jaw dropping.
Mr Crowley is highlighted by the exceptional powerful & animalistic style of Mike Cancino. Cancino will inspire enthusiasm from every person in the viewing audience. This man is a showmans showman, all while he keeps flawless time ala Randy Castillo or Tommy Aldridge.
Orion Lindemann plays a thundering bass that emulates every bass player who ever graced the OZZ mans stage. From Geezer to Rudy, the bottom is nailed down tight making this rythym section as solid as any of the Ozzy incarnations.
The talents of keyboard player Chris Turbis, (who was trained on the piano from very early childhood) creates a high level of complex sophisticated orchestration in true Classical form. He creates the true sounds that John Sinclair, Don Airey & even Rick Wakeman developed through the years of Sabbath & Ozzy. Turbis, known for his classical style of heavy metal music as well as his honky tonk piano playing has won awards for doing just what he does. Best Keyboard Player 2004 in the AAMA Awards, & was a key player in the Video of the Year 2004 & many more awards.
Mr Crowley is truly a group that goes far beyond other tributes. They don’t just sound like Ozzy, they look like the band as well. This band is always an exciting and professional experience and is guaranteed to please and amaze any audience!
Mr Crowley delivers an energetic and entertaining full force OZZY type of experience. Truly the next best thing to the Prince of Darkness himself.

Performer Names/Instruments:
• Dave Diaz – Vocals
• Mark Knapp – Guitar
• Chris Turbis – Keyboards
• Mike Cancino – Drums
• Orion Lindemann – Bass

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