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Mr. Crowley’s Ozzy Experience is celebrating an impressive 25 years of bringing the music of Ozzy Osbourne to life! The band originated in 1999, a time when Ozzy or Black Sabbath tribute acts were scarce. Over the course of two and a half decades, Mr. Crowley has witnessed numerous lineup changes and transformations. Many former members have gone on to join significant acts, solidifying Mr. Crowley as a breeding ground for talent.

Renowned musicians, such as Phil Sandoval of Armored Saint, have publicly praised the band, with David Diaz being hailed as the best Ozzy on the planet. Guitarist Mark Knapp gained recognition on AXS-TV’s Worlds Greatest Tribute Band series, and in spite of him only having three fingers, he nails everything. The rhythm section, featuring Christopher SIXX Rohner on bass (Pretty Boy Floyd) and Mike Cancino on drums (Lynch Mob), is compared to iconic pairings like Aldridge/Sarzo or Castillo/Daisley. Keyboard virtuoso Chris Turbis (Regulators, Boys of Summer) completes the lineup, establishing Mr. Crowley as the gold standard among Ozzy bands worldwide.

In 2013, the band achieved a unique milestone by setting the Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest Air Guitar ensemble during KCAL’s Rock N Roll Bingo Event at San Manuel Casino.

Witnessing Mr. Crowley live is an extraordinary experience for Ozzy fans, offering an authentic journey through his entire catalog—both Black Sabbath and solo career. Despite a common belief, the band relies solely on live performances without any backing tracks, showcasing their commitment to delivering the music the old-fashioned way, in real-time.

Congratulations to Mr. Crowley’s Ozzy Experience on 25 years of paying homage to the Prince of Darkness and creating an unparalleled and authentic Ozzy Osbourne tribute!

Performer Names/Instruments:
David Diaz – Vocals
Mark Knapp – Guitar
Christopher Rohner – Bass
Mike Cancino – Drums
Chris Turbis – Keyboards

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