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Drawing on influences from Indian, jazz, and western classical traditions, Naya Baaz is a ground-breaking new collaboration featuring 2021 Guggenheim Fellow Rez Abbasi and trail-blazing sitar virtuoso Josh Feinberg. Drawn from the Urdu language, Naya Baaz translates as “new bird,” which embodies the innovation and freedom present in the music of this ensemble. Jennifer Vincent (cello) and Satoshi Takeishi (drums) fill out the band’s sound creating a sonically rich tapestry which defies categories. The members of this group are as diverse as the music itself, which blends different perspectives, experiences and sounds to create something completely new, and utterly unique.

Rez Abbasi – guitar
Josh Feinberg – sitar
Jennifer Vincent – 5 string cello
Ernie Adam – drums/percussion

Alvas Showroom is located in San Pedro which is under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles.

We will fully comply with whatever directives of the City of Los Angeles regarding COVID-19 vaccination status and masking are in effect at the time of the show.

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