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Celebrating the musical genius and vast catalog of late composer Frank Zappa, One Shot Deal is comprised of musicians from the original, Grammy Award-winning lineup of Zappa Plays Zappa. During their time with ZPZ, one reviewer referred to bassist Pete Griffin (ZPZ 2006-2011), percussionist Billy Hulting and guitarist Jamie Kime (ZPZ 2006-2012), drummer and Zappa “Vaultmeister” Joe Travers (ZPZ 2006-2013), saxophonist/ keyboardist/vocalist Scheila Gonzalez (ZPZ 2006-2020), and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ben Thomas (ZPZ 2009-2016), as “the best band Frank never had”.

Following their individual ZPZ tenures, they would all go on to acquire a comprehensive list of touring and recording credits before reuniting in 2022 to play a limited series of shows at distinguished Los Angeles jazz club The Baked Potato. Subsequent to that sold-out run, they collectively agreed that the music of Frank Zappa was much too important – and they also had far too much fun playing it together again! – for the group to merely be a “one shot deal”. Since then, they’ve been performing extensively throughout Southern California and look
forward to touring nationally in 2024.

Performer Names/Instruments:
Ben Thomas – Vocals, Horns, Guitar
Jamie Kime – Guitar
Matt Rohde – Keys
Pete Griffin – Bass
Billy Hulting – Mallets/Percussion
Joe Travers – Drums/Vocals

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