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Immersive rhythms and harmonies, delivered with great panache by the Dalai Lama with a flame thrower.

“God, the writing is good!” – Laurie Monk, Truth in Shredding review

“Just as sweet the 3rd, 13th or 30th time… beautifully lyrical.” – Music Life and Times review

“Having produced FRANK GAMBALE, ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, SHAWN LANE, BRETT GARSED, SCOTT MISHOE, CARL VERHEYEN and a host of others, I know guitar talent when I hear it.  Byron Fry is definitely in that league.” – Mark Varney, producer of iconic Guitar albums ‘Truth in Shredding’ and ‘Centrifugal Funk’

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Band Members

Byron Fry – Guitar, Composer

Bob Luna – Keys

Mark Corradetti – Bass

Jay Setar – Drums