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We are very pleased to announce the swift return of an act that played an opening slot at Alvas earlier on this month. On March 3rd , Roby Duron and Stevie Ray Visited literally took the room by storm with an explosive performance that had the audience standing on several occasions throughout the evening and ultimately left them screaming for more at the end of their set!

Many of the folks in attendance that night contacted us with a desire to have them back quickly to experience a full evening of this fantastic band, well, you asked for it, you’ve got it!

Stevie Ray Visited will be back to deliver an SRV Blues Explosion that you will never forget. Driven by a deep admiration and love for the music and playing style of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roby Duron has completely captured the sound, look and feel of SRV in such minute detail that you will think that you were catapulted back in time to when the legendary guitar slinger hit the airwaves with classics like Pride and Joy, Crossfire, Cold Shot and The House is Rocking.

Roby will be accompanied by Noel Deis on Keyboards who played in the band “Blackbird” with Stevie Ray Vaughan himself back in the ’70’s and who currently plays in the popular Allman Brothers tribute Midnight Rider. Laying down the low end will be Jim Wootten, the longtime bassist and multi-instrumentalist of tribute icon Led Zepagain, and the man driving the bus and providing the rock solid groove will be Rolo Sandoval from the world renown Beatles tribute The Fab Four.

If you are a lover of the soulful blues music of Stevie Ray Vaughan , we promise that you will not be disappointed by this band’s jaw dropping tribute to one of the greatest guitar players who ever lived. So come on down, put on your seatbelt and settle in for an evening of blistering blues music that you will never forget with Stevie Ray Visited at Alvas Showroom.

Genres: Blues, Rock

Roby Duron / Lead Vocal and Guitar

Noel Deis / Keyboards

Jim Wootten / Bass

Rolo Sandoval / Drums

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