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Step back in time and relive the magic of a legendary musical reunion! Join us at Alvas Showroom on Friday, October 13th at 8pm for a captivating evening with “Taylor Made Tapestry” as they faithfully re-create the iconic Troubadour Reunion Tour show. Get ready to be transported to a momentous event in music history that celebrates the incredible talents of Carole King and James Taylor!

The Troubadour Reunion Tour: A Journey Through Time

In 2010, Carole King and James Taylor embarked on an extraordinary international concert tour to commemorate the 40th anniversary of their very first performance together at The Troubadour in November 1970. This reunion tour marked a pivotal moment in music history, as two of the most influential singer-songwriters of all time graced the stage together once again.

A Tapestry of Timeless Hits

During this unforgettable evening at Alvas Showroom, “Taylor Made Tapestry” will flawlessly recapture the essence of that momentous event, bringing to life a selection of Carole King and James Taylor’s greatest hits. From heartwarming ballads to foot-tapping classics, you’ll be treated to an enchanting tapestry of timeless songs that have left an indelible mark on generations of music lovers.

An Authentic Musical Experience

Prepare to be mesmerized by Taylor Made Tapestry’s extraordinary musicianship and soulful renditions. With impeccable harmonies and genuine passion for the music, their performance will transport you back in time to the golden era of folk-rock and singer-songwriters. You’ll feel the same magic that captivated audiences during that legendary Troubadour Reunion Tour.

Secure Your Seats Now!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness history repeating itself with “Taylor Made Tapestry Live at Alvas Showroom.” Immerse yourself in the brilliance of Carole King and James Taylor’s timeless music, expertly brought to life by these talented performers.

Mark your calendars and invite your friends to join you on this unforgettable musical journey! Tickets are limited, so book now to secure your spot for an evening of nostalgia, heartwarming melodies, and unforgettable performances.

Experience the magic of the Troubadour Reunion Tour once more, brought to you live by Taylor Made Tapestry. See you there!

Performer Names/Instruments:
Carla Buffa – Lead Vocal, Keyboard
Stephen Bock – Lead Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard
Devitt Feeley – Lead Guitar
Jim Wootten – Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
Dave Rogers – Drums
Dave Heffernan – Sax, Flute, Percussion

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