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Traditional and Contemporary Jazz & Swing Instrumentals & Vocals

Dan Baker: Music Director, Drummer.
Marvin Bonds: Band Leader, Lead Alto Sax
Peter Marshal: Stand-Up Bass
Doug Richmond: Piano
Rosie Friedland: Vocal
Dr. David Frishberg: 2nd Alto Sax
David Swerdlove: Lead Tenor Sax
David Jacques: 2nd Tenor Sax
David Conrad: Baritone Sax
John Cather: Lead Trumpet
Craig ‘Pete’ Peterson: 2nd Trumpet
Jay Epelman: 3rd Trumpet
Russ Mullen: 4th Trumpet
Daniel Chandler: Lead Trombone
Ben Al-Mateen: 2nd Trombone
Jeanine Peterson: 3rd Trombone
Greg Robinson: Bass Trombone
Eli Furie: Percussionist

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