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The Eagles Experience with Boys of Summer hail right from Southern California. They grew up there and all have Eagles blood running through their veins. They re-create some of the greatest music ever written. With well over 400 high profile shows throughout the U.S. since 2004, BOS are becoming known as the top touring Eagles Tribute band in America.

Darrel Monson –
Darrel is our voice crafting expert. He can change his voice about as fast as Don Rickles or Billy Crystal… (Even though he thinks he’s Tommy Smothers.) It doesn’t hurt that his family was touring all across the Midwest doing Gospel concerts all before he was even a teenager. No sir, it didn’t hurt at all.

When he first heard The Beatles in 1964, he knew what he wanted to do and as well, the moment he first heard the Eagles, he knew the sound he wanted. That’s all she wrote. That was it for him. The whole enchilada.

He has been involved in many musical efforts through the years (no name dropping), but none have been as fun as playing and singing the songs of the Eagles for Eagle fans!

Chris Turbis –
Chris is our Piano, Guitar, Orchestra! Classically trained on the piano from very early childhood in the Canadian Conservatory of Music, he has played and toured in various bands including The Regulators, Alligator Stew, Kelli and The ShadowMen, and his rock and roll life started somewhere on the Sunset Strip back in the early eighties.

Currently, you see him playing alongside such greats as Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), Joe Travers (Zappa does Zappa) and the rest of the Ultimate Jam Night family every other Tuesday at the Whisky A Go Go.

He also plays in Mr Crowley’s-Ozzy Experience, and is still playing around the LA area with in various roles as a session and live player. Some of the awards he’s won are Best Keyboard Player 2004 in the AAMA Awards, and AAMA Video of the Year 2004 (Alligator Stew).

He has been on bills with such acts as such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Motley Crue, Blue Oyster Cult, The Guess Who, Great White, Poison, Delbert McClinton, Rare Earth, Ted Nugent, Marshall Tucker Band, Pablo Cruise, George Lopez, and many more…

You can find Chris anytime on his website:

Nate King –
Nate is our overall utility player. He can play the B-Bender guitar (like Bernie Leaden), the slide guitar (like Joe Walsh), the rock leads (like Don Felder), the Pedal Steel Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo!

Nate grew up in Detroit listening and playing with a multitude of amazing jazz and R&B artists. After moving to Los Angeles, Nate toured and played for over 2 decades with a wide spectrum of acts, including Dwight Yoakam and Dennis Quaid! As you’ll see, Nate nails every Eagles lead there is.

Jerry Schaeffer –
Every good band that tours as much as we do needs good bass players to keep this thing rolling. Jerry has paid his dues, and has worked his way up to playing at this level. As Chris Turbis and Jimmy Williamson put it, “Jerry is one of those players that wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes in LA without gettin “the call.”

Fortunately for us, he spent his early playing days in Colorado where he wasn’t as noticed as he would’ve been in a major market.”

We love having him, and you will too.

Jimmy Williamson –
In the words of Tom Petty, “The Drummer is The most important member of any group,” and Jimmy Williamson holds true to that thought right down to the bone. He’s as solid as a rock.
Jimmy Boy (as he’s fondly been dubbed) studied the drums formally while growing up, and his father was a huge musical inspiration, surrounding him with people like Nat King Cole, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and more!!

Working with acts like Toto, REO, Stevie Nicks, Robben Ford, Joe Sample and Lee Ritenour, he saw how it was done on the highest of levels, and now he finally gets to put all his knowledge into action on his own behalf, and of course, … all while living the dream.

Performer Names/Instruments:
Darrel Monson – Vocals/Guitars
Chris Turbis – Vocals-Keyboards/Guitars
Nate King – Vocals/Guitars/Pedal Steel/Mandolin/Banjo
Jerry Schaeffer – Vocals/Bass
Jimmy Williamson – Vocals/Drums

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