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The art of the contemporary acoustic jazz trio – piano, bass and drums.

This ensemble of seasoned jazz artists has fused an invigorating and inviting sound that expands the boundaries of the idiom. With a foundation in blues expression and the vocabularies of the American stylistic traditions, the Todd Cochran trio – TC3, represents an inventive take on the touchstones of American jazz.

Standards are a starting point upon which they elaborate on the boundless creative possibilities of the idiom. Their magic lives within the unique musical chemistry and longtime friendship they share.

In performance, the music is about improvising artists engaged in conversation about our ever-changing world and the longer now. What TC3 does has been likened to a musical exposé about awareness – tuning into the pressing matters of today, our overlapping social concerns, and positively embracing a diverse world.

Listening and hearing the music is a joined experience of feeling and exchanging with the audience.

Todd Cochran, piano
John Leftwich, bass
Michael Carvin, drums

Alvas Showroom is located in San Pedro which is under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles.

We will fully comply with whatever directives of the City of Los Angeles regarding COVID-19 vaccination status and masking are in effect at the time of the show. 

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