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Hailed as “dazzling” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Trio Dinicu combines the forces of three highly distinguished musicians. Luanne Homzy a world-renowned concert violinist; Tommy Davy, a virtuoso guitarist of the young generation of Franco-Russian guitar; and Frank Anastasio, a legendary gypsy jazz bassist, vocalist, and guitarist.

Highly regarded for their creativity, Trio Dinicu blends acrobatic technique with the improvisatory language of jazz and the richness of Eastern European folk, including Romanian violin, Russian balalaika, and French “Jazz Hot”. They have performed for audiences across the United States, Europe and Canada.

Their new album has been in the works for over a year and they are so pleased to finally present it in its full form. It was the culmination of our many musical experiences while traveling throughout Europe that shaped this recording. The name of the album is derived from the Parisian tradition of the “Cabaret Russe”. Many of our heroes played every night at clubs in Paris like “Karlov”, “La Balalaika”, “Raspoutine”, “La Roue Fleurie” and “Les Tziganes Ivanovitch”. Gypsy musicians played rich musical treasures such as the Hungarian Csardas, Kolos and Russian romances. We pay homage to the golden age of Gypsy and Eastern European music in Paris.

Performer Names/Instruments:
Luanne Homzy – Violin
Tommy Davy – Gypsy Guitar
Felix Kochendörfer – Bass

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