Thank you for your interest in performing at Alvas Showroom. We typically respond in 7-10 days only to the artists that have been selected to perform. We thank you for your patience.
~ Matt, Alvas Showroom Manager

    What genre(s) would best describe your performance? Please check all that apply:

    Contact Info:

    Client Agreement: I have read, understand, and agree to the Booking Information terms. Please note that submissions may take up to two weeks for review/response. You will be contacted only if your performance is selected.




    Showroom performances are available 7 days a week. Showtime is normally 8 PM and Sunday showtime is normally 4 PM. The timeframe for our gigs is 5 hours. 2 hours for load in, setup, and sound check, 2 hours for performance, 1 hour break down, load out. Extra hours are available and need to be booked ahead of time at $50 an hour. These extra hours can be used for almost anything including but not limited to rehearsal, sound check, setup, social meet and greet, etc.

    We need to know the number of guests in advance of public ticket sales . We will set the number of tickets available online based on your guest totals. All heads are counted. The guest list names will be accepted from the Artist only. The list can be updated at anytime as long as seats are available. We end online sales 2 hours before event time.

    As we are catering to all ages, please refrain from using obscenities or lewdness. There is no alcohol sold or allowed on the premises.

    Please load in through the front door. There is plenty of free parking, please observe the 2 HOUR LIMIT parking signs. Unlimited parking is allowed after 6:00pm.

    Alvas LLC uses our own sound engineer. Any other arrangement must be approved in writing by Alvas LLC.

    Please consider using our extensive backline. It is available for approximately 1/2 the price of local backline companies. If you are interested, let us know, and we will check availability and give you a quote.

    We have 2 Steinway pianos. A 1921 America B and a 1985 Hamburg C. Let us know if you will be using a piano and which one you prefer. A piano tuning within 24 hours of a performance has a fee of $75.

    Alvas does not record audio or video. Unauthorized audio and video recording is strictly prohibited. If the Artist would like to record, pre-approval must be obtained in writing and the artist must hire the recording service from a third party vendor. For video recording, the following fee must be paid in full prior to set up:
    Video: 1 camera - $150 | 2 cameras - $250 | 3 cameras - $300
    Audio recordings are allowed without a fee to Alvas. We do not take responsibility for your audio recordings. We can refer you to a third party service. Please call if you wish to audio record your event.

    DIGITAL PROJECTOR USAGE - $30 per show.
    We do not provide AV cables or adapters. Please come in and test your operating systems, AV connectors and adapters BEFORE the date of your show. Call Art Valdez, our Sound Engineer, at (310) 833-3281 and schedule an appointment.

    We have a green room upstairs for the artists. You may bring food and non-alcoholic drinks into the green room. Complimentary bottled water, coffee and tea are available upon request. We do not provide lodging at this time.


    All tickets are sold through Alvas LLC, which accepts credit cards online, or walk-up sales, both cash and credit card.


    First $300 of ticket sales goes to the house. Remaining balance of ticket sales is split 90/10 to the artist/house. In the event sales does not cover the first $300 you may be asked to pay the difference. For example:

    $3,000 - Ticket Sales

    $ -$300 - House


    $2700 - Ticket sales to split

    The Artist gets 90% of $2700 = $2430

    Alvas LLC gets 10% of $2700 = $270

    If you decide to use the projector, have the piano tuned, video recorded, use backline, etc. there will be additional charges. You may be required to pay these prior to the show.

    Our PA provides live sound. Alvas does not provide any type of record.

    If you want to record, we can recommend a service.


    All monies owed to the performer will be mailed via check to the name and address on your W-9. A copy of the Payment Record will be emailed to you informing you of the check amount. USPS is expected to deliver your check within 5-14 business days after it is mailed